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We open the gate for merchants to collect their customers’ voice

Poll-lite customer experience tools

Customer’s Voice

Today the Voice of the Customer is playing a significant role for brands and their businesses. We have built a customizable Web Application for you customers to share their feedbacks and an Online Dashboard for you to view their responses, analyse the data and make right decisions

Benefits of Service Quality Engagement

Customizable App

You can create your survey view or select from our templates. Make it unique to impress your customers.

Security and Compliance

We respect user privacy and we understand the value of the data. Our platform is secured, ISO compliant and geared for massive data collection.

Real-time dashboard

Discover insights, submit changes to your survey and react in time. Powerful graphic design is easy to understand and convenient to use.

Collect feedbacks anytime, anywhere

Create QR codes, SMS, Email or even NFC chips. Track and define what works best for you.

Collection Customer Voices

Remember, getting your patrons’ feedback is very important for your business growth.

Incentivized polls may not uncover the real issues and quality control calls can be distrative. That may drive you to wrong decisions and negative reviews as a result.

We offer a completely different approach in our tools. We are intended to deliver a memorable experience to your customer and give you a chance to make your place better.

Poll-lite customer survey

Platform solution – simplicity is a key to efficiency

Create your custom survey and change it anytime. Our AI powered platform will track the changes, curate the questions and show you the results. Simple and exciting.


Technology involvement

For merchants

  • Real-time dashboard
  • AI/ML powered engine
  • Audience insights
  • KPI tracking
  • Data integrity
  • Questions fatigue and ratings
Poll-lite dashboard

Success Stories

I have been using Poll-lite for over 4 months now, and have only good things to say about my experience. Poll-lite seems to have a pervasive culture of support, consistently providing me with creative solutions to my needs, including sometimes being able to apply logic that allows us to work around our own shortcomings in our data. This kind of flexibility and creativity is unparalleled by other vendor partners.

Sean Toh

Head of Marketing, Wire Space

The Poll-lite team have outstanding client service – as an organisation with a complex business case, the team have put in a huge effort to ensure that our account is value for money and the team constantly support us with solutions to any challenges. The product also exceeds expectations in regards to the member journey (research community solution) which enables us to provide members/customers with a branded experience which is an extension of our internal decision making.

Debra Becker

Founder & CEO, GABO

I love this platform. It has made my life and the life of my colleagues much easier. It can also be used for a lot more things than the obvious ones that it was built for. It is affordable and easy to use and they offer outstanding customer service.

John Wise

Head of Product, Inner Inc.

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